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KAVERI Henna cones.

Traditional henna temporary tattoo. For every occasion natural henna cones. NO CHEMICALS- NO PPD- NO Ammonia. 

Key Features:
-Weight:28gms approx.
-Made in India 
-Best Results.
-Traditional brown color.
-Clinically Tested
-100% Herbal ingredients .. Natural henna and clove oil to enhance color. 
-Securely packaged in a reusable plastic cones.
-Halal certified.

Note- It can Take up to 12 hours for Natural Henna to Attain its Full Dark Color after application. Please avoid washing off quickly and use water. For best results use overnight. You can take off henna once dry henna for your convenience but no water for at least 4-5 Hours. 

How To Apply
-Wash your hands or the skin surface, before applying henna onto it.

- First time users patch test is recommended 24 hours prior to full henna application.

-Cut the tip of the henna Cone and gently squeeze the Cone to slowly make small design pattern and leave it overnight to test for any allergies. If any allergies or itchiness use water to wash off immediately.

100% Herbal ingredients .. Natural henna and clove oil.

-Always, keep a damp cloth along to clean or remove the mistakes in the pattern.
-After application, let the henna paste dry for about 2 hours.
-After henna dries, gently peel off henna flakes using tissue paper or towel.
-Later, wash it with plain water.
-For excellent color results, avoid using soapy water for a day.

****Refer to Pic for color after 12 Hours. 

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